Saturday, 4 June 2011

The Greenman: Protector of the Woods

The Process

Here is the latest greenman early on in the process. The texture is down, one layer at a time until I am satisfied that I have built what I am looking for. The black gesso has been laid down and he is ready for  the layers of colour now.

Guardian of the Woods

This is the protective aspect of the Greenman. Watchful and playful all at once he guards over the lands sacred to him. Taking joy in the forest breathing, the small movements in the underbrush, a flash of feathered wings in the canopy, fireflies glowing through the dark night, he watches. Holding the rich woodlands in his heart his blessing is cast over the land. You may not see him as you trace your path through his domain but he is there grounded, his leaves on the wind and branches reaching for the sky taking everything in through his bright eyes.

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