Monday, 1 August 2011

Gods and Goddesses of the City- Part I

So as I've wandered the intriguing streets of Montreal, I have come across, sometimes in the most unexpected spots, the Goddesses  and Gods of the City. Grafittied on a wall here. A picture stuck in a window there. A sarong depicting Kali which protects the mysteries hidden behind a glass paned door. And I have found them everywhere. Fascinated by these artistic depictions of facets of the divine, and other spiritual archetypes I decided it would be fun to make a photo chronicle from time to time of Who was spotted Where. This is the first of such entries on my blog. I hope that you'll enjoy this visual tour of some of the different walls and structures of Montreal and those who inhabit them as well as the work of the artists who put them there.

The Greenman of Demers is the first one I ever saw in Montreal. Just around the corner from our old appartment situated on a charming and very old street of the city called Demers he watches over the comings and goings of the inhabitants of his building as well as the growth of the beautiful morning glories and well tended gardens that are right across the street from his vantage point.  

 The Garden Spirits of Atwater area. There is a charming garden close to a Senior's complex in the Atwater area tended by the residents there. It houses numerous statues at varying degrees of emergance from the earth in the garden. A fantastic spot to let your imagination run wild or just to sit and draw!

 The Gargoyle of the Auberge. This handsome devil sits and watches over passers by from his Perch next to the Auberge du Dragon Rouge, quietly keeping an eye on his corner of the city.

 The Old Greek God. Is hand painted on a brick wall in a Mike's Eatery in the basement of The Desjardins mall at Place des Arts. I suspect we were watching each other as I ate my breakfast. Though he looks hungrier than I was....

 African Harvest Goddess. She is one of my favorites. Though bits of her are slowly peeling off the wall, the beauty and delicacy of the nuances and shadow/light that compose her are so lovely I have not done them justice in photographing her. She resides on a wall at the corner of Marquette and Mont Royal and is well worth checking out if ever you are in that neighbourhood. Looking out over gardens everywhere, shovel in hand and ready to plant or reap depending on the season this is the Lady to call on if you need help getting things to grow.

 (Kali- as panoramically as possible)

Kali. On Mont Royal street is a store of the same name and on the exterior of this building is Her likeness in various forms and permutations. Ever changing as new art replaces the old Kali redifines herself everynow and then.

Medusa. Looking out over a parking lot on the corner of Mont Royal street not far from Kali is Medusa. The lighting on her is really neat and I like the fact that she has been depicted with six arms in a somewhat Kali-esque fashion.

 The Atlas Minotaur of the St Laurent Overpass. This imposing fellow is holding up the overpass part way up St Laurent street in Mile End.

The New Age Deity. At some point in my travels a friend of mine and I ran across this enlightened being on a brick wall close to Mont Royal Street and a cross street I can no longer remember that has two names (it is close to the metro though) Spreading enlightenment and mandalas to it's grafitti-ed folowers this beautiful being speaks volumes in it's silence to the pedestrian who chooses to stop long enough to listen as well.

Zeus. Looking out over the same parking lot as Medusa (and possibly by the same artist though the styles seem different to me) is the Greek god Zeus attempting to keep order in this sometimes chaotic city.

And on this note I leave you today, but will be back with other Otherworldly Art finds from my travels through this city. Please feel free to leave comments...or if you know of other Deity themed art in the city that is worth checking out drop me a line. Happy travels and discoveries!

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